Instantaneous Ballers: 16 NJ Powerball Winners Are $86M Richer And “Happy! Happy! Happy!!”

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16 NJ Powerball Winners Are $86M Richer And “Happy! Happy! Happy!!”

Sheeeeeeeeeettttttt we’d be “happy, happy, happy” too!!!!

According to NBC News:

Sixteen county employees won the lottery together, but one of them stole the show. “It’s just happy, happy, happy,” Willie Seeley crowed Tuesday and he and 15 co-workers from a New Jersey garage greeted the media with giant replica checks for $86 million — the amount they will split, before taxes, after hitting last week’s massive Powerball jackpot.

Some of the winners shared poignant stories — one lost her home to Hurricane Sandy; another is mourning her father, a politician who created the state lottery — but Seeley said they were “a happy bunch.” Sporting a floppy straw hat, a “Duck Dynasty” T-shirt, shades and a ZZ Top-style beard, Seeley quipped, “This is my best outfit.”

He said that his first stop after he learned the group had won was the home of his cancer-stricken widowed father, to tell him they wouldn’t have to worry about money again. “I’m just going to continue watching NASCAR racing on Sundays,” he said at a raucous Toms River press conference punctuated by hoots and hollers. “Maybe I’ll be in my log cabin on multiple acres of land.” Later, Seeley yelled out, “First party’s at my cabin!”

The Ocean County workers, who are calling themselves “Ocean’s 16” after the movie franchise, have been buying lottery tickets together for six years. They each chipped in $6 for the Aug. 7 powerball drawing and had one of the three winning tickets — which will net them $3.8 million each after taxes. All the winners were back on the job the next day. Only one of them said he plans to call it quits right away.
“It’s just a miracle and shocking,” said Joseph Odoardo. “After 34 years and almost retiring last year, this happens and you just don’t have another choice.”

Nice!! Good for them.


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