Really??? Utah Teenager Who Was Arrested For Plotting To Bomb His High School “Columbine Style” Is Now Running For Mayor

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Today in “things a black teenager could never get away with” news….

Teenager Arrested For High School Bomb Plot Now Running For Mayor

An 18-year-old Utah high school student who was arrested just last year after police discovered that he was planning to blow up his school and event visited the infamous Columbine High School to speak to administrators about their security measures is now in the running for mayor.

via Huffington Post

A Utah teenager arrested last year in a Columbine-inspired plot to blow up his high school will find out Tuesday if voters in the small city of Roy will take his run for mayor seriously.

Joshua Kyler Hoggan, 18, says he recognizes what he did was wrong but insists that he never had any explosives or intent to bomb the school in early 2012 when he and an older classmate were arrested.

Hoggan pleaded guilty in 2012 to possession of a weapon of mass destruction. Police said that Hoggan, then 16, and an older classmate at Roy High School spent months plotting an attack inspired by the 1999 Columbine shootings. Hoggan even visited with the Columbine principal about the shootings and security measures.

Despite his disturbing not-so-distant past, the teen insists that residents should “trust him” to lead the city “because he’s human.”

He says his six months in juvenile detention helped him deal with personal issues that plagued him then and says that he’s rehabilitated and ready to lead the city of about 37,000 people north of Salt Lake City.

“People should trust me because I have proven one thing: That I am human,” Hoggan said in an email to The Associated Press. “I have made mistakes, just like the rest of us. We’ve all made mistakes in our pasts, and I am no exception.”

He faces off in Tuesday’s primary against the current mayor, Joe Ritchie, and Councilman Willard Cragun. Most consider Hoggan a long shot to get through the nonpartisan primary, in which voters will choose two of the three to advance to the general election. Ritchie has been mayor for eight years and Cragun a councilman for six years.

So…..teenage African-American boys have a hard time doing everyday things like getting a job, getting into college or walking home from the store if somebody thinks they so much as LOOK like they’re up to no good….but this dude can run for office? Why is he still not locked up in juvie, at the least?? SMH.

We don’t see this ending well.


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