Oprah Says She “Dressed Up Nice And Washed Her Hair” To Avoid Racist Snobs In Swedish Boutiques!

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See what black folks gotta go through just to pop a couple tags? SMH

Oprah Says She Dressed Nice And Washed Her Hair To Skirt Snobby Treatment In Swedish Boutique

This thing has officially taken on a life of its’ own…


Oprah Winfrey says she’s sorry for the media storm that erupted after she recounted that she was the victim of racism in a posh Swiss boutique.

Winfrey’s revelation last week on Entertainment Tonight led to the upscale store being identified as Trois Pommes in Zurich and its staff was immediately caught up in a frenzy of media interest.

The manager of the boutique, Trudie Goetz, subsequently told CNN the entire incident was a “200 percent misunderstanding” and had nothing to do with racism.

Speaking at the Los Angeles premiere of Lee Daniels’ “The Butler,” Monday, Winfrey said the situation had been blown out of proportion.

In an interview she did with Swiss newspaper, Blick, Oprah goes into more detail about her experience in the boutique

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Asked if she was being ‘particularly sensitive,’ she said: ‘No! I know of no black man who was never stopped by police because of his skin color, or persecuted, but it’s different for women. What I’ve experienced in Switzerland happened only once before in my life.

‘So I didn’t want to indict Switzerland. It was a single incident. An incident that people of black or brown color experience daily.

‘It was however uncommon for that to happen to me. Believe me, usually sales people rejoice when I come to them in their business. It is very unusual that I’m not really involved when in a boutique. Outside, people usually press their noses flat against the windows to see me shopping.’…

She went on: ‘I was the only person in the store. I had dressed myself up extra special because I know that things can get very snobby in these kinds of stores.

‘The employees first check out what clothes you’re wearing. Therefore I chose a Donna Karan outfit – and even washed my hair even. So nobody could mistake me for a homeless person who got lost in the store.

‘The woman did not want to get down the bag which I wanted to look at. The effort was too much for her. She said to me, that the bag was simply too expensive. And I said: “I want to see it anyway.” Instead she tossed me cheaper bags.

‘I said: “Okay, thank you very much! But I really want to see the others.” She still kept showing me the cheaper ones.

Oprah continues…

‘To be honest, if I had known upfront what this damned bag cost, do you know what? The woman was right: I would not have bought the thing – far too expensive! Too expensive! $38,000! I would have fainted when I saw the price tag.’

She continued: ‘The saleslady said it was the Jennifer Aniston bag that was created by Tom Ford for Jennifer. The idea went through my head that I should call Jennifer or Tom – I know them both very well. Instead I said to the saleslady: “Okay, I understand. The bag is just for Jennifer, and only she is allowed to buy it, right?

‘The woman said “no, no” and tried to explain something. But I was no longer listening. I just said: “Thank you very much, you’re probably right that I can’t afford it.”

‘I went. I didn’t want to make a scene. Really not. That’s why it annoys me now too, that it has become this major international story. And that the names of Tom Ford and Jennifer Aniston were pulled in too. The whole thing is really quite annoying.’

It’s a cotdamn shame that this rich a$$ black woman had to damn near have hair and make-up do her up just to put some of her hard-earned money in some white folks cash register…SMH

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