Sister Wife Swag: Guess Which Two Of Chris Brown’s Ex Breezies Were Spotted Getting Kissy-Faced Together In The Club?

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Hint: Nope, it wasn’t Draya and Karruche together…

Guess Which Two Of Chris Brown’s Exes Were Spotted Partying Together?

These two former Breezy bust-downs were spotted puckering up together while hitting the party scene.

One of them recently gave the world a sneak peek at her upcoming clothing line that seems to have taken forever to come out, while the other shot one of the scenes from her most recent music video in a bathtub.

Can you guess which two ex-Breezy bangers are now hanging together?

Hint #2: The only thing these two really have in common is the fact they gave up their goodies to Chris and they definitely weren’t known to be “friendly” before so, this pic is a surprise to say the least.

Hit the flip for the answer….

Roc Nation rebel chick Rihanna and LHHNY cast member Erica Mena were spotted puckering up while partying it up in the club together over the weekend. Erica dated Chris before Draya but after Rih-Rih’s first go round at their relationship, and was even rumored to have been involved in a tripod lovefest with both Draya AND Breezy at one point. You can watch her talk about that HERE.

Erica also shot part of the music video for her “Where Do I Go From Here” struggle song while fully clothed in a bathtub, while Rih recently debuted more looks from her River Island clothing line.

Who knew these two were cool? Breezy is probably somewhere plotting another three way riiiiiiigght now….or wait…maybe four way, since Draya is “friends” with both Karrueche AND Erica .  SMH.

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