Chad Johnson Still Loves Evelyn, But Doesn’t “Need A Woman When He’s Tonguing A Killer Whale”

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Anybody who follows him on Twitter can tell Chad Ochocinco is still living that #StruggleLife after losing his football career and his reality star wife. Well The Broward Palm Beach New Times did a telling feature interview with the former star athlete that reveals a lot about how he got into trouble and how he’s trying to get back out of it. We gathered some of the best quotes here… Check them out below:

On His Twitter Addiction:

“They know everything [about me] because I put it all out there,” he says of his Twitter followers. Whereas most celebrities are guarded, Johnson is proudly unfiltered. “I tweet it all… I’ve got nothing to hide.”

On His Recent Jail Sentence After Slapping His Lawyer’s Hindparts:

“When I had to go do the 30, my first thought was, Shit, if I can sit eight or nine hours in one spot and people-watch, I can do the time,” he says.

He didn’t have to. The judge let him out after seven days. Johnson sent her flowers and a pair of Louboutins as an apology. “That’s not bribery,” he explains. “That’s just how I am.”

On His Newfound Love Affair With Orcas/Killer Whales:

“She was the first thing I ever saw that was outside the norm of what I was used to,” he says of Lolita.

“I don’t need a woman when I’m tonguing a killer whale,” he says on his way out of the Seaquarium. “My life is made.”

“I’m going to own an orca or maybe a whole f**king pod,” he says. “I don’t know how I’m going to do it, but I’m going to own a private island. And I’m going to own an orca. I’m not going to own it where it’s going to be caged. I’m going to own it where they are going to know me and they are going to be lured in by food.

Hit the flip for more, including some insight on how Chad grew up, his football career and what he says really happened the night it all went bad.

On Young Chad And His Upbringing:

“Some of his teachers thought he was funny,”[his grandmother] Bessie Mae says. “But I didn’t.”

“The drugs, the c0c@ine, the h-ron. She’s a full-fledged Lindsay Lohan,” he says of his mother. “That’s why she wasn’t able to raise me.”

“He was trying to come one way, and I pushed him back the other way,” says Rep, who was arrested for selling c0c@ine in 2003. “I was caught up, but I felt like that life wasn’t for him.”

“You could see that he was an athlete, but he didn’t understand how routes worked, how coverage worked. I had to break him down and build him up,” Charlie Collins says. That included Johnson’s image.

“When I met Chad, he always had these gold teeth in his mouth,” Collins says. “I was trying to clean him up, get him ready for the draft. But for Chad, putting in those gold teeth was like Batman putting on his cape.”

SMH @ gold teeth being compared to putting on a cape!

Chad talks about his football career and his clownish rep on the flip.

On His Endzone Celebrations And Controversial Football Career:

“I never did anything wrong except celebrating,” he says of his antics. “Football is a cutthroat business. Why not add a little entertainment?”

“I made it fun in Cincinnati,” he says. “Nobody watched the Bungles, man… I made Cincinnati relevant and fun to watch as a fan.”

“I wasn’t doing it for them,” he says. “It was for the 9-to-5s who really couldn’t afford tickets but were sitting in the stands anyways.”

Chad’s former coach has a different take on what happened:

“Sometimes you can have so much success that you think you are invincible,” Collins says. “I think the league viewed him as a clown when he changed his name.”

Chad On His Current Status Outside The NFL:

“The world knows I can still play,” he says. “There is nothing wrong with me… They just don’t want to deal with what comes along with bringing in Chad.”

“I would like to finish the right way,” he says. “But if it doesn’t happen, I’m OK because I played the game my way. I didn’t play it under their rules or their guidelines. I played the game the same way I was brought up to play it: It’s about fun.”

Johnson says he couldn’t care less about the Hall of Fame. “People say, ‘Oh, you’re not a Hall of Famer. What about your legacy?’ That’s not what I played the game for, to appease you and what your definition of greatness is. Greatness was making it the f**k out of Liberty City.”

Is it just us or does it seem like Chad still kinda has the wrong idea about life? Your career is not going to be about fun all the time. Sometimes you have to get serious.

Hit the flip to find out what family and friends have to say about his love affair with Evelyn.

Chad’s Grandma, Coach and Childhood Friend On His Love For Evelyn:

“I told him: ‘You’re not going to make it with that girl,'” Bessie Mae says with a sigh. “But men see things in women that other women don’t, I guess.”

Charlie Collins gave his former player the same warning.”I just thought it wasn’t love,” he says. “It was fiction… It was a reality show, but it wasn’t reality.”

“I sat with him on his grandma’s porch as he cried,” Rep says. “The truth is, he loved her. That I can definitely say. Whatever else really happened… I don’t know.”

Bessie Mae is more blunt. “He had no business head-butting her,” she says. “But how are you gonna jump up after the first fight and run and get a divorce? She must not have loved him. But he loved her like crazy. Still does.”

“If it were me, I’d tell her to take seven steps to Hell and leave me alone,” Bessie Mae says. “But he can’t do that. He’d rather stay right there waiting for her.”

Damn well there you have it… The people who know him best really seem to be telling it like it is.

Hit the flip for his final take on what happened between him and Evelyn.

On Losing Evelyn:

“I lost the two things I loved most at the same time,” he says, his dark eyes suddenly dampening. “Football… and Evelyn.”

“Somebody on Twitter asked me yesterday if I still love Evelyn,” he says. “My answer was, ‘Till I stop breathing.'”

“I don’t really want to talk about her too much. It’s gone. I’ve moved on. But cool, man, she went her way; I went mine. She knows how I feel, and I know how she feels. So it’s cool.”

Somehow we have to think if it was cool these two wouldn’t still be making headlines about each other. But we digress.

Chad Addresses The Headbutt Incident:

Asked about the police report, however, Johnson sticks by his story: that his beautiful but hotheaded wife blew up at him after finding out he was cheating, that she filled the tiny Smart Car with her angry screams, and that she head-butted him.

“I never talk about that, you know that? For a reason. Let her tell her side. And my job is to cover the story, no matter what. And that’s what I’ve done, and it’s going to stay that way,” he says.

Is Johnson really suggesting he took the fall for her?

“I’m supposed to,” he says. “She’s the wife. That’s my job. To cover the story. That’s the way I was taught. That’s the way I was raised. If I’m your dad and I know you did something wrong, I don’t have a choice but to cover the story for you, whether you’re right or wrong. So for me, whether right or wrong or indifferent, if that’s who I’ve committed to even though I messed up, I’m covering the story for her no matter what. No matter what. Whether it’s my fault or her fault. Whether she antagonized me. Whether she pushed my buttons. You know what? You’re right. Period.”

It’s strange how he’s accepting responsibility yet still denying he was the one who became violent first.

What do you believe? Do you think there is ever room for them to work it out?

Bessie Mae Flowers/Michael E. Miller

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