Who Looked More Bangin?

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Alicia Keys hit up TRL yesterday and Tia Mowry attended the Kissable Couture Launch Party last night in Hollyweird.

We must ask, Who Looked More Bangin??

More images from the Kissable Couture Event:

Image via WENN

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  • Divab

    They both look stunning! TIE!

  • Just Sit And Be Pretty

    Alicia, but I agree, they both look great.

  • http://www.IStayConfused.com I Stay SMH

    she could be their triplet


    I’ll have to say Tia…that leather dress Alicia is wearing just ain’t doing it for me…maybe if she had it in black…

  • Mary J Blige

    hmmm i wanted to give it to Alicia so bad but Tia gets it. Alicia can’t quite ppull off that dress & her eye make up is WAY too heavy.

    lots of love,

    Mary x

  • http://www.bustani99ashead.com **80_RUBIES**


  • The One

    They both look fab, but I think Tia got this one.

  • http://www.IStayConfused.com I Stay SMH

    and dang where roshumba been? she can give these young girls a run for their money (bodywise)

    christina looks confused. like noone told her where she was going.

    whats up 80s?

  • bigfan

    OMG, she is really beautiful! It is said she is single now! Her profile was found on millionaire datng site called Wealthy Romance.com last week. Is she single now? Just curious!

  • kai

    Tias looks better put together. But Alicias sexiness is a lot more prevalent these days. I just love Alicia. NO LEZ!

  • Doc-2-B

    both look great, but though i love a keys i am not feeling that skin tight leather dress–the color/style is not flattering to her. tia looks fabulous

  • http://freshfromthestreetz.blogspot.com freshfromthestreetz.blogspot.com

    Alicia looks better! Tia looks like she’s tired someone needs to put her to BED!

  • Lady Architect

    They both look great but I’m not really feeling that leather look on Alicia…Tia is definitely stepping up her celebrity game…and I love the Whitakers. Roshumba outfit is not fit for what she’s attending but she is wearing those jeans….get it girl… Christina Iono…

  • http://www.birdthecouchpotato.blogspot.com Bird

    I have to go with Tia. Alicia made a poor choice in that dress. She doesn’t have the boobage to make it as hot as it was meant to be. Tia has no boobage either, but her dress doesn’t require it.

  • http://www.IStayConfused.com I Stay SMH

    we need more stories…this AIN’T gonna get it

  • Roberto

    They are both beautiful and they are both half Black half Italian

  • Bahama Mama

    they do both look nice….but I’m not feeling the streetwalker dress Ms. keys has on…

  • backyard

    Alicia get my vote and that dress is bangin

  • http://www.IStayConfused.com I Stay SMH

    ^ LOL

    Christina’s look says “Oh SHYT…I DO have that “thing” today”

  • Kay

    Tia looks much better. Alicia looks a little “stiff” in the pose/dress. And that high collar on the dress looks as if it’s choking her.

  • Jauron

    Christina Milian #1, Tia Mowry #2.

  • Nyeve

    mmmm i feel u on dat Roberto. dat lil swirl of italian always give dat stunning high yellow look. both ladies lookin fab! y’all can’t h8

  • Aphatty

    Damn – I did not know Tia’s leg game was like that. Beautiful legs. She gets it hands down.


    Tia’s Crushing all the way to the Kicks. Alicia is looking Crazy Nice in her new Video “LYNSMA” ….Nelly:Wadsyaname…A Shorty/Shorty/Shorty What cha Name is !

  • vachick

    alicia in tia’s dress cuz im not really feelin that blue fruit roll up my boo got on…as i listen to her beautiful cd right now…shes gorgeous and talented but that dress isnt doin her justice

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