No Mo Paws: Scrappy Urges Blacks To Stop Killing Each Other Because Whites Want Us Gone “MLK Didn’t Die For This!”

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When did Scrappy become the voice of reason?

Lil Scrappy Tells Black Men To Stop Killing Each Other

Via Vlad TV reports:

“I just did a march for justice and peace and all that. I had a lot of people out there with me. I had (former) Mayor Bill Campbell, my lawyer Mawuli Davis from the Davis Bozeman Law Firm and I had a lot of people out there with me like (Pastor) Troy. Everybody…it was 5000 people in Atlanta marching from Clarke, from the AUC all the way to the CNN Center and we stood on the CNN sign which is illegal because they couldn’t do nothing about it cause we was marching for a cause.

“Soon as I went to the club that night I seen some homies get killed. They killed each other. It wasn’t nobody white out there, wasn’t nobody Mexican, wasn’t nobody Puerto Rican. It was two black people that was dead because some other black people killed each other. If you don’t stand up for nothing, you stand up for something because you will fall for anything. You gon’ help them take us out, keep on bulls*tting I guarantee you that.

“Everybody needs to go for the positive route. Everybody ain’t gon’ be cool with it but f*ck ‘em. If not, they’ll catch on later. If not it will be another corpse in the grave somewhere. We got kids…we got to fight for them.”

Lil Scrappy then says our ancestors and Civil Rights leaders would be shaking their headniyeez at today’s youth:

“Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, all these brothers that came through before our time, they been fighting…our granddaddies, our grandmas, our great greats, our ancestors…they ain’t die for no reason. But that’s what it feels like right now. It feel like they died for no reason and you just trying to live for yourself and you got kids you need to be taking care of.

“All y’all men, take care of your kids homie. You don’t take care of your kids, you’re going to have the baddest karma in the world I swear to God because they ain’t asked to be here, you put them here.”

Where was Scrappy with all this kumbaya, peace and love when he was putting his struggle paws on Steebie last season? Hit the flip for the full interview!

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