Angry Birds: Tami Roman Admits She Was Only Violent On ‘Basketball Wives’ Because It Boosted Ratings

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Tami doesn’t want another stroke…

Tami Roman Admits She Was Violent For Ratings

Tami Roman recently admitted she only started fights and got violent because she thought that’s what viewers wanted and would help raise ratings for VH1:

“I think my approach to this season was to basically learn how to talk with the ladies and be more of a voice rather than a fist. It’s not that Tami didn’t know how to articulate. It’s not that Tami doesn’t know how to interact with people. But I chose to only use one dynamic of myself. You know, I am very articulate, I am educated. I have worked in Corporate America. I have had my own business in the past and I think I wasn’t showing all of that because I came into the situation one way and I said okay, that’s working, let me just stay there. And it worked until it didn’t work. So, now I had to take responsibility and dial back and open more of myself up.

“People think. ‘Oh she’s grown or she’s changed.’ And really it’s just me really showing 100% of myself and not one aspect.”

Tami later reassured fans the show would be more more positive this season:

“I will definitely say that the tone of the show has changed. We’ve all been together for so long that we all kind of know how each person operates and I think that creates a different dynamic in itself. We’re able to show people that we can talk through problems, that we’ve grown, we’ve all matured.

“Outside of our interactions, we have real lives. And I think this season we inject more of our real reality.”

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