Tuned In: 10 Non-Reality TV Shows You HAVE To Be Watching Right Now

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10 TV Shows You Have To Watch

We know you guys are all about your reality TV and all that….and it can be entertaining.

But there is some great non-reality TV going on that everyone should be checking out.

These are the 10 best shows you’ll see…some are off-season now but you can definitely check it out on Netflix or some other streaming site.

Take a look and join the discussion.

Breaking Bad – Its final season just started and the show is easily the best on TV right now. You have to catch it on Netflix now.

Archer – This comedy about a secret agent is great and features Aisha Tyler being hilarious.

Game Of Thrones – This HBO show is so ill. Last season was the craziest ending of any season ever so you have to jump in and watch it now.

Scandal – Duh. You knew that already.

Sons Of Anarchy – This show about a biker gang is as gully as it gets. Peep the show on Netflix until the season premiere next month.

Louie – Louis CK is the comedy God right now and his show on FX is pure awkward hilariousness.

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    Mad Men – A drama about advertising in the 60s…no you won’t see a ton of Black people but it’s still incredible.

    Dexter – This murder mystery/thriller/drama is insane. Peep it on Showtime.

    Boardwalk Empire – Nucky Thompson is the biggest gangster in prohibition 20s and this show is as crazy as it gets. Get caught up!

    True Blood – Vampires. Freaks. Nastiness. Yeah, you love it.

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