Struggle Bars Part 1: The Most Embarrassing Moments In Rap History

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Most Embarrassing Moments In Rap History

Rappers are all about their image and swag. So when things get embarrassing and that image gets torn down, rappers have to scramble to recover.

These rappers had incredibly embarrassing moments happen to them. Take a look and add any more you think apply.

Officer Rick Ross – When it got revealed that Rozay was a parole officer in a past life, it almost ruined him…and gave us jokes for days.

Lil Wayne Kisses – People still clown Wayne for the pictures that leaked of him smooching Birdman. And he’s proud of it so he owned it and moved on.

Joe Budden’s Knockout – Where do we start? Let’s just go with the time Raekwon punched him in the eye on Livestream.

Papoose At Hot 97- Pap ran on stage after Kendrick Lamar finished his set and everyone was confused.

Yung Berg’s Chain – Dude’s chain got stolen so much that it became a punchline in and of itself.

Tyga on MTV – Tyga was on a struggle rappers show on MTV and it came to light last year. Can we say cornball?

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    Suge Goes Knight Night – Suge isn’t a rapper…but him getting knocked out is embarrassing nonetheless.

    Accidental Racists – LL Cool J put out easily the worst rap/country song of all time. And that’s saying a lot.

    Mobb Deep Split – They split up on Twitter and it was a mess of gay rumors and slander that no one wants to relive.

    Lil Kim’s Face – Seriously…look at it. WTF.

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