SMH: Father Of Wrongly-Accused Teenage Black Boy Dies Of Heart Attack After Watching Police Drag His Son From Their Home

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Man Dies Of Heart Attack After Watching Police Drag His Son

A Brooklyn man reportedly suffered a fatal heart attack just moments after police invaded his home and dragged his 16-year-old son out of their house because they mistakenly thought he was a suspect in a robbery committed earlier that day.

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Carlos Alcis, 43, dropped dead of an apparent heart-attack after police officers swarmed his Brooklyn home Thursday morning and mistakenly accused his 16-year-old son of assault and robbery, reports the NY Daily News.

At approximately 5:30 a.m. Thursday morning, a woman was punched and had her cell phone stolen.

Witnesses to the robbery followed the suspect, who was allegedly wearing red pants, to the apartment where the Alcis family lives and began going door to door.

Though NYPD officers claim that they knocked on the Alcis’ door, neighbors and witnesses claim that the officers pried the door open — and show evidence of a splintered door to prove it.

Emmanuel Alcis, 16, who was wearing red shorts, was dragged from his bed and forced outside, where the woman told police that he wasn’t the man who attacked her.

“My door was closed and then the door opened and there was a flashlight in my face.  My father kept asking, ‘What happened? Why are you here,’ ” he said.

But the damage had been done.

Carlos Alcis collapsed on the floor and began shaking. Emmanuel said that the officers continued to search the home even as blood began to come from his father’s mouth.

This is so sad. Hopefully these pigs won’t get away with what they’ve done.

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