People Aint Isht: Man Forced To Have Three Toes Amputated After 78-Year-Old Veterinarian Allegedly Gives Him Ointment Meant To Treat Skin Cancer In Dogs

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This is ridiculous.

Man Forced To Have Toes Amputated

According to Mail Online

A Colorado man had three toes amputated after a 78-year-old veterinarian allegedly gave him medicine meant to treat cancer in dogs.

A veterinarian for 54 years, Francis Freemyer is accused of illegally treating at least one human with disastrous results.

The animal doctor was cited by officials for rubbing Dermex, a salve used to treat skin cancer in dogs, on the man’s foot, causing it to become infected and resulting in the man losing toes. Freemyer denies the charges and insists that he only treats animals.

Dermex is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration for use on humans and is still in testing on animals, but Freemyer swears by the drug – he says it cured him of melanoma.

Cops alleged the folksy animal doc was ‘very energetic about his confidence in his ability to fix the foot’ and applied the ointment to a 58-year-old man’s toes when he went to the Eldred Animal Hospital in June complaining of sore toes, according to a police report.

The man’s foot became severely infected, resulting in three toes being amputated at a local hospital, according to reports.

Authorities told local media that Freemyer admitted to treating the unidentified man in exchange ofr payment, but he has denied these claims in several interviews with local media.

‘I don’t treat people,’ Freemyer told KMGH. ‘I treat dogs and cats and cows and horses and fish and snakes and all of those things, anything that comes in the door – except people.’

A follow up visit to a regular doctor resulted in the man being admitted to a hospital and his toes being removed after his infection made its way to the bone, according to KMGH.

Officials think there may be other humans Freemyer has treated.

‘This isn’t something that we run across every day and it is something that we would like to see if there’s other people out there that this person may have actually treated as well,’ a Greeley Police spokesperson told KDVR.

Freemyer sees it as a witch hunt, telling KDVR ‘this is just such, it’s such a crock of, well, anyhow… the doctor’s the one that’s after me. The guy with the foot is still a good friend.’

Somebody is lying.


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