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Shemar Moore and Will Smith are featured in the Sexiest Men Alive issue of People magazine. Here is what your boy Shemar had to say about his looks and style:

“A fresh haircut is so important. I wear my hair so low. Freshly faded. A nice tan in my back yard so I can get that bronze, brown-sugar glow, a vintage pair of jeans and white button down shirt with a couple of buttons open. A chrome chain. Pair of sneakers.”

Yeah Shemar, next time you might want to keep those backyard tanning sugar comments to yourself.


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  • http://www.sitfu.com sitfu.com


    Taking a Closer Look at the Stories Ignored by the Mainstrean Media

  • dontaskme4shyt

    oh he is so suspect!

  • http://www.sitfu.com sitfu.com

    I didn’t even read the comment…..yeah, that shiz sounds hella gay. Chrome chain? Who the fugg wears chrome? Anyway…..


    Taking a Closer Look at the Stories Ignored by the Mainstrean Media

  • Mahogany

    Are we still checking for She She????????????

  • im_unique

    I’ll pass…he just don’t do it for me. His azz look gay.



  • Rich

    Sorry to say, but this dude is gay as hell.

  • http://www.IStayConfused.com I Stay SMH

    NOT even gonna read his comment….

    shouldn’t he be off nekkid on a beach frolicking somedamn where?

  • Mary J Blige

    LMAO @ DROCK!!!!!!! you better work that bronze, brown-sugar glow Shemar. Luv ya girl

    Mary x

  • http://www.gravtar.com Mzgapeach

    He is a hot ass mess

  • Smartie

    Oh please Shemarie, you tan nude at the beach too, remember ? You blamed the cold water but it sure looked like a reattached thumb to me.

  • follow the leader

    he looks good in this pic

  • Royal Chocolate

    Have we ever seen him photographed with a female? Hmmm…..

  • N-Qui-Sa-Tive?

    [at Shamar]

    Shhhhh shhhh shhh……Just stand there and be pretty.

  • Just Sit And Be Pretty

    LOL, our see our resident imposter is back!! 🙂

    @ I Stay, nice pic.

    Ah, Shemar…not sure what to say. Ummm, let’s see… lightskindeded men are played out??? 🙂

  • http://www.myspace.com/150821702 Bankable P

    chrome chain? Those were popular until recently, so what was he wearing before he decided to dress like a “rock star”? Personally, i’m tired of seeing old ass guys with the chains on their pants. You weren’t wearing that sh*t when you was in high school when punk rock and all that stuff was in, now because there’s an album out singing about the sh*t everbody wants to dress punk/gothic. SMH and LMAO at the same time!!

  • http://www.myspace.com/150821702 Bankable P

    sorry ….those weren’t popular……

  • backyard


  • TT

    Tannin is his backyard…..cant we as blacks just go outside and get a tan W/O bakin….boy go sit down!!!!

  • athena

    i’m utterly disgusted by him now. and btw, what does he mean by his backyard?

  • http://www.IStayConfused.com I Stay SMH

    ask raekwon

    backyard’s bangin like a benz-y

  • http://www.IStayConfused.com I Stay SMH

    comment is awaiting moderation? WTH???

  • Blacksmith

    How can someone be so handsome and such a CORNBALL at the same time?? I’m perplexed.

  • http://www.IStayConfused.com I Stay SMH

    does anyone else see that?

  • JerseyBred




    You know what I’m saying? LMAO!!! Shemar’s cute but he’s way too pretty. I thought Ginuwine was bad until I read Shemar’s quote.

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