Trayvon Martin’s Mother Sabrina Fulton Attacks NYPD’s Racist Stop-And-Frisk Policy!

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Talk that talk Mama Fulton!

Sabrina Fulton Criticizes NYPD’s Controversial Stop-And-Frisk Policy

Via NYDailyNews

The mother of slain Florida teen Trayvon Martin on Sunday criticized the way the New York Police Department enforces its controversial stop-and-frisk practices.

“You can’t give people the authority, whether it’s a civilian or police officers, the right to stop somebody just because of the color of their skin,” Sybrina Fulton said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

Fulton’s son, 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, was fatally shot in February 2012 by neighborhood-watch volunteer George Zimmerman after Zimmerman followed Martin, who was unarmed, and confronted him.

Zimmerman was later acquitted of Martin’s murder.

Fulton’s comments come after a Manhattan Federal Judge ruled last week that New York’s stop-and-frisk practices were “unconstitutional” and amounted to “indirect racial profiling,” particularly when it came to young black and Hispanic men.

NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly had this to say about Ms. Fulton’s criticism

City leaders, including Mayor Bloomberg and New York City Police Department Commissioner Ray Kelly have attributed low crime rates in the city to the use of the program. But the way it’s implemented has frequently been criticized as discriminatory.

Kelly, who also appeared on “Meet the Press” to discuss how last week’s ruling would be a setback to the city’s crime-fighting efforts, responded to Fulton’s statement, explaining that the incident in Florida that resulted in her son’s death did not involve the police.

“You had two civilians. It clearly was a tragedy,” Kelly said. “But it didn’t involve sworn police officers.”

So she isn’t allowed to have an opinion about a racist policy even though Trayvon’s death didn’t involve police officers?? GTFHOWTBS!

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