Lawsuits: Foxy Brown Threatens To Sue Stylist For Putting Her On Blast Over Unpaid Weave, Reveals Plans To Launch Hair Line [Video]

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“First off, when does a hood chick who rents a booth charge $900 for a weave?” Foxy Brown is clapping back against the stylist who accused her of trying to steal an expensive weave — in court!

The rapper went on MTV’s “Rap Fix Live” to clear up the whole incident:

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“This last thing with the hair situation? I’ve decided that I’m going to make an example out of her. We stepped back and we said ok, if no other artist is bold enough to say I’m going to sue this person, you’re not going to get away with just straight accusing someone. You’re not saying alleged…it was alleged… you’re saying this person whatever the allegations are, you’ve run up on somebody in the grocery store with a phone! Like who does that? Who does those things!? Reputable people don’t do that. People don’t do that. That just never happens. What was alleged by this beast, was something that has never been attributed to my name…Ever…Ever. Foxy is known for two things: Fashion and hair.

“So I said you know what? I said I’m a flip it. Some many years they been trying to get me to do a hair line, so since I got all this press, I’m going do this boutique collection and just shut the game down. I have this boutique hair collection and its amazing.”

Are you buying it? $900 does seem like an awful lot for a walk-in appointment weave but it’s not like Foxy has the best record for paying for beauty services. Remember the multiple nail salon incidents?

Just sayin’!

Will y’all be coppin’ from Foxy’s weave line???

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