Dirty Dogs: Men Who Don’t Appreciate Their Great Boos

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Men Who Take Their Women For Granted

A wise man once said to cherish all the gifts we have while we have them or something like that.

While the wise man was probably talking about rubies or pyramids or something ancient, the same applies to beautiful women. It’s important to cherish the ladies in our lives no matter what. These men, though they’re lucky to have these ladies, still take them for granted.

Take a look and try to slap some sense into these jabronis.

Chris Brown – He treated Rihanna and Karrueche like absolute garbage for the entire time he was with them. Karrueche was a red-headed stepchild and Rihanna was used goods. Now he’s all depressed and seizing.

Swizz Beatz – He’s really got the nerve to go out and try to hop around on Alicia Keys when he should thank the lucky stars his Earthworm Jim a$$ even has a woman like her?

Jay-Z – He’s been better lately, but there was a time he didn’t even want to acknowledge being with Beyonce. Seriously, dude?

Kirk – You want to play the field? Now? After all this time? Eff outta here.

Joe Budden – It’s beyond us how he could go out and act like Tahiry isn’t all that when he’s nothing but a groupie to groupies.

David Otunga – He wants Jennifer Hudson to sign a prenup before they get married. Man, you should just shut up and enjoy the fact she wants your swole, sorry butt.

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    Anthony Weiner – His wife keeps standing by him and he keeps on ruining it by sending his peen to any skank that comes his way.

    Michael Jordan – He should have never done Juanita like that. She was down from jump and he didn’t even have a prenup! He should have stuck with her just on the strength of that.

    Eric Benet – Buddy must have had a serious addiction to do Halle like that…because we’re talking about Halle Berry!

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