Real Love: Athletes Who Married Women They Knew Before Fame

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Athletes Who Married Women They Dated Before Fame

You ever hear of a scouting report? It’s when someone judges an athlete based on prospects and how they seem them performing in the future. Generally, people get paid millions of dollars to accurately put together a scouting report. These women, though, scouted out these athletes and locked them down before they reached fame, reaping the rewards…and money…that comes with it.

Savannah Brinson – He’s apparently wifing up Savannah now and things are going well. She won the jackpot being his boo before he made it big.

Siovaughn Wade – She had his two kids then took the crazy train to Crazy town and never looked back.

Juanita Jordan – Juanita was pregnant with their first kids before MJ made it big, but perseverance paid off and she cashed out like a mofo.

Amber Sabathia – He’s a Yankee who married his wife Amber and they grew up together in the Bay Area.

Peyton Manning – He met his wife before he went to college in Tennessee. She came up, people.

Deron Williams – He met his wife when they were still in college before he transferred to Illinois.

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    Philip Rivers – He and his wife met in junior high school and she’s cranked out six (!) kids for ol’ derp face.

    Kijafa Vick – She stuck with Michael Vick through jail and was down before that. Lucky, lucky, man.

    Nina Earle – Her and Russell were down since college and while they’re not married yet, it’s only a matter of time.

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