Catch Fade: The Craziest Fights In Reality Show History Part 1

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Crazy Reality Show Fights

We love reality shows. Obviously. And we know you do, too. The best parts, though, are obviously the fights. Sorry to admit it, but the scraps are what keep us coming. So, as part of this series, we’re going to go through all of the fights we couldn’t forget in reality show history.

Snooki Catches The Fade – This wasn’t a fight as much as it was one punch that cracked Snooki.

Steven vs. Irene – This was really one of the first times we’ve seen contact between reality show people. Steven slapped her because he’s a punk.

Fred vs Ness – Making The Band was pretty embarrassing since it was just people fighting all the damn time. This fight was scary because it seemed like someone was going to legit get hurt.

Evelyn and Royce – They threw glasses and everything at each other on Basketball Wives…it was a fight we were waiting for, too.

Kimbella vs Erica – They had JUST met and started yanking each other’s hair. WTF.

Darrell and Brad – They had a huge fight on the Challenge and Darrell broke Brad off with a monster two-piece that had his whole face swollen.

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    CT and Adam – This was also from Real World Challenge and CT absolutely rocked buddy. Adam even started running!

    Evelyn and Tami – Don’t mess with Tami’s man…or she’ll be the one to bring it to ya.

    Chrissy and Kimbella – This was one of our favorites. Chrissy came through with the haymaker for the ages.

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