Tuning In: 10 People Who Deserve Reality TV Shows

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10 People Who Deserve Reality Shows

We love reality shows. And we love following celebrities’ every moves. So why not give some of these crazy people their own reality shows? Exactly!

These celebrities would have us hooked to their reality shows in no time. Get on it, VH1.

EJ Johnson – He’s contemplating it. And we’d love to see it.

LeBron and Savannah – They’d make an entertaining couple…adding in Bron’s drama as of late.

Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union – Throw in Siovaughn and this is must-see TV.

Rihanna – Her crazy a$$ needs cameras around at all times.

Chris Brown – The many court cases of Breezy. We can see it now.

Rick Ross – Instant comedy. Seriously.

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    Paula Deen – Because we love to make fun of racists who ruin their lives.

    Trinidad Jame$ – He’s got his little web series but a full on reality show? That’d be dope.

    Ric Flair – Whooooo!

    Joe Budden – Give his little sad emo self some camera time so we can all slit our wrists in unison.

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