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Mary J. Blige is on the cover the November issue of Genlux magazine.  She is actually getting better with age in the appearance department.  We remember when Mary’s steez was a little different a few years back (See thumbnail).  She looks good.

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  • Jus Another Opinion

    Ms J trying to compete with the youngsters. Do yo thing.

  • Jus Another Opinion

    Didn’t they say she was pregnant before? hum!

  • joe

    She wasn’t too bad in her hay day. I was just watching one of her old videos last night.

  • http://www.gravatar.com JawJa Swag

    Pretty….I love the hair…..cant nobody (and yea I said nobody) rock the blond hair the way she does

  • joe

    @ Jus

    They say everyone’s pregnant until they actaully have a child. Then they say, “See we told you! We had that exclusively!”

    J.Lo was preggo every month for the past 99 years. Just so happen, they finally hit the jackpot.

  • BrBro Man

    Like fine wine…

  • joe

    @jaw jaw

    this is true. as much as i lurrrve keyshia, it isn’t the same.

  • JerseyBred

    BrBro Man

    Like fine wine…


    For real.

  • BooKitty

    Mary rocks blond hair like no other sista!! That look is gorgeous on her. She has grown into a beautiful woman and you can tell she’s happy because she is glowing. Do the damn thing MJB!!

  • Jus Another Opinion

    LOL where is the MJB poster…she should have been the first person to comment I agree.


    She has always been beautiful and the girl can sing her ass off

  • Notch

    @ swag..i cosign..she was rocking the blond way b4 anyone else and she looks good with it

  • Sapphire

    WOW… She looks GREAT!

    .fan since 1992.

  • HarleyGal

    Mary ain’t NEVER looked better!!! She’s never been classy, but it seems like she’s getting a little better in department as of late…go girl, ‘cuz it was definitely time to let go of the super ghettofied steez. ~HG

  • Fiddy

    this is the picture she should have used onher cover of her album. The album cover is boring, I like this pic!

  • Bronx Brawler

    I know Nas enjoyed slaying Mary J

  • http://lacydpage.hi5.com lacyd

    Where is MJB, she should be praising herself right now.

    all my love,


  • N-Qui-Sa-Tive?

    Beautiful MJ. I want your hair or wig or whatever!

    @ Sungoddess, Yeah when B had that song, Listen, I wasn’t feeling it. I didn’t believe her. I wish Whitney can sing that as a comeback song! Oh yeah.

  • anony


  • 6 Figgas


  • BobC

    Mary J is one classy, talented woman! God, I love her!

  • N-Qui-Sa-Tive?

    yes i talked about beyonce…………….ooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh [waving hands in air]

  • TXbred

    Damn… for being an older chick, she looks good as hell

  • StephJr

    Its OBVIOUS AIRBRUSHING. She looks beautiful but that mostly has to do with them photoshopping a longer, leaner neck.

  • Bahama Mama

    The blond hair threw me for a second, I thought that was key key…Uh she k’ tho……

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