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Last Set Of Tapes From Richard Nixon Released

Richard Nixon has been dead for almost 20 years now, but new tapes have surfaced where he discusses Watergate and says some “unfortunate” things regarding Black and Jewish people.

Via The Atlantic Wire:

Richard Nixon was like many a Millennial (or middle-aged politician) who’s gotten busted for sending racy emails or sexts — even though he knew everything he was saying would be archived forever, he still said really inappropriate things. The Nixon Presidential Library released the last set of Nixon White House tapes on Wednesday, and like many of his tapes released over the last few decades, this set confirms that Nixon was not very enlightened when it came to racial and ethnic minorities. Take a phone call with Henry Kissinger on April 19, 1973 about an upcoming U.S.-Soviet summit. Nixon was concerned someone would cause problems, and if they did, they would pay for it, he said: “Let me say, Henry, it’s gonna be the worst thing that happened to Jews in American history.”

In a June 14, 1973 Oval Office meeting with Anne Armstrong, counselor to the president, Nixon said black people couldn’t run Jamaica. “Blacks can’t run it. Nowhere, and they won’t be able to for a hundred years, and maybe not for a thousand. … Do you know, maybe one black country that’s well run?” He gave some guidance on what appointees should be like: “No Jews. We are adamant when I say no Jews. … But I mean don’t say anything don’t let anybody know we didn’t Jewish. But Mexicans are important. Italians, Eastern Europeans. That sort of thing.”

The bigoted mixes with the banal. In an April 14, 1973 phone call, the president tells his wife he’ll be working late on a speech, so he’ll miss dinner. He asks about a garden tour she did with children. “You know it’s funny, the little black kids are so uncommunicative, aren’t they? Good golly,” Nixon said. Pat Nixon (pictured at left, via Associated Press) replies, “Yeah but these were better than most, did you know that? They’re all dressed up and everything.” Nixon was surprised. He had a tougher time with black kids: “They didn’t react, though.” The first lady explains, “Well, with you they were a little different.” At her event, “They were better, you know”

Are you surprised???




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