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The oldest shooter in the horrific slaying of an Australian athlete has been revealed to be a 17-year-old young white man, foiling conservative press’ attempts to spark outrage over the case not receiving as much attention by black leadership as the killing of Trayvon Martin.

Conservative media are under fire for their attempts to draw parallels between the George Zimmerman case and the recent random shooting of a jogger by three bored teens, despite the fact that one of the teens was white.

Via Mediaite reports:

The senseless, infuriating murder of Australian Chris Lane has drawn comparisons, by some media outlets, to the killing of Trayvon Martin. Fox and Friends and The Daily Caller, for example, have each posited the Lane killing as illustrating some sort of “double standard” by black leaders like Rev. Al Sharpton, Rev. Jesse Jackson, and President Barack Obama, but in the process, each of them falsely reported that Lane was shot by “three black teens,” when one of the suspects is clearly a white male. A Duncan, Oklahoma police source confirms, to Mediaite, that 17 year-old suspect Michael Jones is, indeed, a white male.

On Wednesday morning, Fox and Friends aired a segment in which they ostentatiously wondered why Revs. Sharpton and Jackson “haven’t come forward and said anything,” and even though they displayed a photo of the three suspects, which clearly showed that one of them is a white male, they quoted an Allen West tweet that said “Three black teens shoot white jogger.”

The Daily Caller actually improved on F&F. Initially, they ran a photo of the wrong Michael Jones, and issued this “correction”:

“This, of course, changes everything. Edwards and Luna are being charged with first-degree murder, whereas Jones is charged with “using a vehicle to facilitate the discharge of a weapon and accessory after the fact of murder in the first degree.”

There’s your angle, Rev. Al. The one with the lightest skin got the lightest charge. The one who looks the least like Obama will get the least punishment. Let the racebaiting begin.”

Here’s the photo The Daily Caller originally ran, with the wrong Michael Jones:

A Duncan police source confirmed to Mediaite, Wednesday morning, that 17 year-old Michael Jones is not “the one with the lightest skin,” he is a white male. It is true that 15 year-old James Edwards and 16 year-old Chancey Luna have been charged, as adults, with first-degree murder, while Jones is charged as an accessory after the fact, but Jones is also reported to have said “I pulled the trigger” in court Tuesday.

The three teens allegedly shot and killed Chris Lane “for the fun of it,” as infuriating a motive as there is, but so far, there is no indication that race played a role in the selection of the victim, and unlike the Trayvon Martin killing, the alleged perpetrators in this crime were almost immediately arrested and charged. Like other crimes that have been posited as “double standards,” there is no factual basis for comparison, and no one has explained what, exactly, they would expect Rev. Al to say.

Some reports say Jones actually blurted, “I didn’t pull the trigger,” but either way we just think it’s jacked up that these members of the conservative press are so THIRSTY to demonize President Obama, Rev. Sharpton and Rev. Jesse Jackson for supporting Trayvon Martin’s family that they’re rushing to make any situation into an excuse to do so.

Black leadership became involved because the Sanford Police department tried sweeping Trayvon Martin’s death under the rug whereas police in Oklahoma sought justice for Lane’s killing immediately. Let’s not try to turn apples into oranges or WHITE into lightskinned for that matter!



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