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You failed the lie detector test… dude it’s a wrap.

Model Fails Lie Detector Test Over Paternity

According to Radar Online

Michael Girgenti claims he could be the baby daddy of Kourtney Kardashian‘s son, Mason, but in a video clip obtained exclusively by, a lie detector test reveals that Michael never even slept with Kourtney!

In a taped segment for The Trisha Goddard Show set to air on September 17, the host subjected Michael to a bevy of questions regarding his relationship with Kourtney and paternity of the boy she had with long-time boyfriend Scott Disick.

Even though a DNA test recently revealed that Scott is in fact the father of Mason, Michael told Radar he plans to move forward with the paternity lawsuit he filed because he feels the DNA test Kourtney and Scott did “could have been fixed.”

Michael requested a paternity test after claiming he’d slept with the Kardashian mother-of-two in March 2009 — nine months before Mason was born.

But a lie detector test Michael did on Trisha’s show proves otherwise.

“Michael, we asked you, are you telling the truth about having sexual intercourse with Kourtney. You said yes,” Trisha says during the dramatic reveal.

“The polygraph determined that Michael was not being truthful,” the man who gave the test says.

Not only did a DNA test conclude that Michael is not the father, but now a lie detector test given by the NBC show seems to prove he never even slept with Kourtney!

“She was a wonderful lover and very beautiful. We didn’t use any protection — she didn’t ask me about it, and I was too caught up in the moment to think about it,” Michael told Star magazine in an exclusive interview about his relationship with Kourtney.

“After the news broke last August that she was pregnant and I did the math, I started to think, ‘That kid could very well be mine.’ I’ve sent Kourtney emails over the winter, saying we need to talk about it — but she hasn’t replied. Now it’s to the point where I flat out just need to know if that’s my son.

“In the end, it’s all about doing right by the boy — and I would be the best father I could be if he really were mine.”

Somebody needs to get a life.



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