Kanye West in Denial

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Posted by Bossip Staff

A friend of the West family says that Kanye is devastated by his mother’s death and is in “denial”, which is certainly understandable considering the situation. Via NY Daily News:

“I don’t think Kanye was aware Donda was getting the surgery, or certainly the extent of it. He loved and supported her just the way she was. He thought she was beautiful.”

“Donda had image issues, like a lot of women.”

In other Kanye news, we has pulled out of performing at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show that is to air December 4th. Our prayers still go out to Kanye, we know this is a rough time for him, but we are sure he will turn tragedy to triumph like he has in the past.

Click here to view Dr. Dondra West’s last interview before her passing.

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  • sexiichar


  • sexiichar

    You will get thru this Kanye, keep your head up.

  • http://www.theblackactor.com theblackactor.com

    The Creator is a comforter.

  • ATL

    I’m sure he is in denial, he is going through a terrible ordel. Losing a parent would be so painful…I hope he can find some inner strength, but of course iw wouldn’e be easy. God bless to the West family and may they find some comfort…

  • http://iamthelostgirl.wordpress.com TheLostGirl

    I agree with Number 2!

  • http://www.birdthecouchpotato.blogspost.com Bird

    I guess I need to read the whole story because that little excerpt doesn’t indicate that he is in denial. I don’t even know what that means. Do they mean he doesn’t believe she passed?

  • etherealnegro

    I commend this man for being human and grieving rather than disrespecting his mother’s memory and going through with the perfomance. It amazed me how Marie Osmond was seemingly unfazed by her father’s passing and continued on with her performance. I guess we all grieve in different ways.

  • http://www.richromances.com http://www.richromances.com

    My prays goes to kanye and his family.

  • Mellow Dude

    C-Red, calm down a little bit. Its not that deep,seriously.

  • Smartie

    I know we’re gonna see a new more humble Kanye in going further. Those rants about not winning awards shouldn’t mean ish to him now.

  • shawn

    i still dont understand why a woman of 58 yrs still had the desire to have cosmetic surgery

    did she have the time to say her last prayer? how will GOD receive her?

  • http://www.gravatar.com TheRealPeach

    the image issues in our community are getting worse and worse everyday….

    RIP Dr. WEst

  • http://upgradeitall.blogspot.com/ daria

    It didn’t say he’s in denial. He wasn’t aware that she was having the procedure which doesn’t shock me. A lot of people, esp black folk, don’t tell their family members because they’re afraid of being judged. If you’ve reached the point of going ahead with the procedure, you don’t really want someone being on your ass for for being “vain.”

    Most women, regardless of how they look, have body issues. It’s amazing that some of the most gorgeous, flawless women in the world have it so badly. Your kid telling you that you’re beautiful isn’t going to change what’s in your head really, especially if you’ve spent all your life hating your body.

  • Marcia

    @ Bird: It means that he hasn’t accepted it. It’s normal after a person’s passing because the shock takes time to wear off and accept that a person has passed away. I understand what he’s going through. After my mother passed, it took me time to accept that she passed away and to deal with the grief….

  • kai

    We all have to die, but I could understand how some people look shamingly on this because she was getting some sort of physical enhancement that she didnt really need. She seemed like such a healthy woman. And for those that say hes in denial, usually when someone dies suddenly for something so trivial, most relatives would be in denial, angered, upset and disgusted.

  • Yes I Said It


    No, its not that he doesnt believe she passed. It just means that he’s having a hard time dealing with the reality of it.

    Its one thing if they’re very old, or sickly, and you kind of expect that it could come any time. Its another if they’re fairly young and/or healthy, and they’re gone all of a sudden. Then its really hard to come to grips with, especially if you just recently spoke to them.

    It was like that for me when a good buddy of mine passed a few months ago. He was only 37. Its hard to come to terms with the fact that someone you used to laugh and have good times with just wont be there any more. And seeing them in a casket for the first time is ROUGH. Just knowing they’re really not coming back is something that’s just hits you in the guts hard. Makes you think about life, your relationship with God, your family,… all kinds of introspective stuff.

    I cant even imagine losing my mother. If Kanye is able to continue touring again within a month or two, he’s a much stronger man than me.

  • http://upgradeitall.blogspot.com/ daria

    And @Heather, she had a tummy tuck and a breast reduction. That’s not an aging thing. A lot of women can’t bounce back after pregnancy because child birth literally tears your stomach muscles. She wasn’t getting a facelift or botox.

    Our society (American as well as African-American) equates beauty with youth and being thin first and foremost, so yes, body issues and cosmetic surgery thrive in such an environment. Then if you don’t have the right nose, lips, face shape, skin color, body shape or whatever, people are going to trash you. Think this isn’t true? Just go check out the posts on Serena, Venus, Shar, Vivica, Tyra, Oprah, Solange, Kimora, JHud or Ciara. 1/3rd of the comments or more are dogging their looks so for all the self-righteous I-would-never people out there who come on here an trash beautiful women, YOU are part of the problem.

  • Yes I Said It

    I think some of these TV shows contribute to popularizing these kinds of surgery, and making it seem like a quick fix for those who might have image issues.

    Even my wife used to talk about getting breast reduction surgery, till I finally talked her out of it. To me, unnecessary surgery should be avoided. Thousands of Americans have gone in for minor operations and ended up dying from infections and complications.

    Besides… large ta-tas are a blessing, not a curse! Holla!! :O)

  • Bahama Mama

    Yes I Said It –

    Not that I would know but i have friensds that have tig old bittys and it can be a curse…

  • http://www.stacirobinson.com I'D BE IN DENIAL TOO

    Losing your mom is something NO one wants to admit days after it happens. But nothing here shows that he’d in denial though. He dropped out of performing at the VS fashion show-that, to me, would say that he’s NOT in denial and that he’s fully aware. So I don’t really know what the headlines meant.

  • Yes I Said It

    @Bahama Mama

    So I’ve heard.

    But to the man, its never a curse… just bountiful blessings. :O)

  • Yes I Said It

    @The Real Peach

    Its not just our community. Its all of America, really.

    Lip injections, botox, tummy tucks, breast implants, nose jobs, eye surgery (to remove “crow’s feet”), butt implants… its all at epidemic proportions now.

  • kai

    Some people have back problems from tig ol biddies..

  • Bahama Mama

    Yes I Said It


    Cha Men *rolls eyes* lol

  • CubaLinda

    UPDATE AS PROMISED: My brother Souleo was the last person to interview Donda West and since Monday we have been pitching the article to be published and we got great participation from West Brands to make sure the story went to the right outlet. It will be released on Dec. 11th for the Jan. 08 edition of Sister2Sister magazine. Check out Access Hollywood for the press coverage regarding her last interview with Souleo. Thanks for supporting!!

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