Shots Fired: Marvin Gaye’s Son Says Robin Thicke Has Been Stealing His Father’s Soulful Steez His Whole Career

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Is Robin Thicke copying Marvin Gaye?

Marvin Gaye’s Son Says Robin Thicke Copies Music

Via TMZ reports:

Marvin Gaye’s son is out for blood in his war with Robin Thicke, telling “TMZ Live” he resents Thicke’s lawsuit against the Gaye estate over “Blurred Lines” … and is strongly insinuating he plans to respond with legal action of his own.

Marvin Gaye III dropped us a line Wednesday, and he’s not happy … basically saying Thicke has disrespected the Gaye family by shamelessly lifting his father’s famous tunes for the hit song (plus many other Thicke tracks).

As you know, Thicke has filed a lawsuit against the Gaye estate, asking a judge to head off any legal action from the Gayes by ruling “Blurred Lines” does NOT violate Marvin’s copyrights.

Marvin III says Thicke’s lawsuit is a total slap in the face.

Marvin III hedged when we asked flat out if he plans to sue Thicke for copyright infringement … but the message was clear.

What rhymes with sue me?

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