Random Ridiculousness: Flight Fun with Orenthal James

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

OJ Simpson was on Delta flight from Las Vegas to Florida recently and apparently he was quite the chatterbox filling the flight patron’s ears with a bunch of nonsense:

First, the double-murder acquitee yammered on about his latest brush with the law – being charged with kidnapping and robbery for allegedly sticking up two sports dealers he claims ripped off his memorabilia. “He said he knew this guy, the guy had helped him move out and put a lot of his stuff in warehouses, and he stole the stuff. Claims there were pictures of his family, etc., etc. Claimed the gun part was ‘[bleep]ing bull[bleep]’ – but he didn’t sound all that convincing.”

Then it was on to his knowledge of brewing. “He was talking to two Mexican guys and he claimed that Dos Equis is really a German beer, made in Mexico.” Next, Simpson turned music critic. “He talked about Stevie Wonder at the Santa Monica auditorium being the best concert he ever saw . . . He said Mick Jagger was cool, and that ‘Satisfaction’ was a huge song with the black community in South Central when he was growing up. ‘It blew up the ‘hood,’ he told me.”

Simpson then informed that he hoped to catch a few winks and had taken a sleeping pill – but it wasn’t working. “So he hit on a willing girl right behind him.” Later, at the baggage claim, the disgraced athlete “noticed a kid in a Bills jersey and was like, ‘Yeah, Buffalo Bills, baby.’ “

That nonsense sounds like someone who is nervous that his spot is about to blown up in a minute. It’s pretty much time for OJ to throw in the towel for real.


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  • http://www.gravatar.com JawJa Swag

    Is this pic photo shopped? LOL WTF is up wit da chain

    This man’s life is miserable……..U can c it in his eyes.

  • SMDH

    Jesus – I pray they get his black ass this time. What a loser. It just seems like when you get away with murder you should probably lay low for the rest of your life.. What an arrogant asshead. I pray they give him life this time when there are no black women – who “just don’t do it for him” – around to get his sorry ass off this time..

  • RocCity

    That fool coulda been on drugs! His life is pretty miserable. Seems like he’s attempting to sensationalize himself to America with the “robbery heist” because he knows he’s pretty much a nobody now and people are never gonna think of him as the football star he once was….

  • http://www.birdthecouchpotato.blogspost.com Bird

    Is OJ not allowed to chit chat or something? I’m not sure what the big deal is. I know he’s the orginal gangster and all, but everyone likes to converse every now and again. Even roughnecks.

  • Blacksmith

    I feel sorry for his kids. Having to put up with ridicule from others because their pops can’t sit down and be quiet.

  • http://www.sitfu.com sitfu

    Thats one sad dude.


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  • helltothanaw

    @ Cleo and Sun Goddess-

    I co-sign with the both you in regards to the fact that O.J. should have known better, however the feds are foul for that if its true, and if O.J.’s attorneys’ get ahold of that info, their gonna use that as part of their defense for trying to prove that O.J. was set up, etc. Please believe that I don’t feel sorry for O.J. in anyway because, he didn’t learn from his first run in with the law, and so now once again as old as he is, he has to be taught yet another lesson. And while all of this is going on, I bet he is oblivious to fact that if he is proven guilty, that will now make two parents that his children have lost, because they’re gonna make sure O.J. dies in prison. straight up…SMDH..

  • WhatTheHell?

    OJ, take your double murdering ass to jail and by all means take R. Kelly, Remy Ma, T.I. and Da Brat with you!

    I declare jihad on ignorant Negroes!

  • nono

    yea peace out!

  • http://www.IStayConfused.com I Stay SMH


    you know you are hated when folks can’t WAIT to relay a meaningles conversation to the press.

    i feel dumber for reading that mess

  • Karee

    why in the hell can’t our people just relax and stay out of the news??? OJ knows damned well anything he does is going to be seen by someone…smh….and he looks like he’s high in that pic…sh*t if I was him I would be smokin some weed too though

  • BAP Barbie

    Boyyyy, they’re just dying to get O.J. locked up. They never really got over the fact that he “got away” with his WHITE wife’s murder. Look at how people dwell on the fact that O.J. killed his wife. They have already forgiven/forgotten about what Robert Blake and Phil Spector did. Those two celebs were also acquitted of killing their significant others and no one gave a damn or gave them a hard time. They looked just as guilty if not guiltier than O.J. Why the big fuss with O.J.? The racism is soooooo deeprooted in our society, it’s ridiculous. They’re bothered by the fact that O.J. is black not what he did. His wife wasn’t a celebrity for everyone to be making such a fuss. If O.J. did indeed kill his wife and “got away” with it, karma will get him eventually. You never really get away with anything!!!

  • OMG

    @ BAP Barbie:

    Well – they’re gonn aget him this time and I’m glad to see it happen. If he had not dogged black women after they was the reason his murderous black ass got off I may have some pity for him.. But I NEVER pity a black man who has forgotten where he came from..

    Not to mention, I doubt very seriously he would care if it were a black woman in trouble, as most black men dont, so why do you care about him??

    He’s a murderer and I pray they get him this time.

  • NARS

    OJ should have laid low.. What an idiot. I heard on the radio that he can get 10-20 years for this! Stupid ass, he deserves what he gets.

  • Shootingstar

    Is OJ on them rocks?

  • http://www.richromances.com www.richromances.com

    This old guy had profile at Richromances.com. Maybe he want to look for a beautiful model.

  • omega718

    OJ grew up in San Francisco not South Central LA. Hate on dude all you want, I think he killed them both but get the facts right.

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