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JetBlue might wanna lawyer up…

Hindu Man Denied Travel On JetBlue Because He Was Thought To Be Hindu

Via VillageVoice

Air travel has become such a nightmare that it’s hard to muster any surprise about the hassles and indignities travelers face on a regular basis.
Excruciatingly long lines, invasive pat downs, awkward luggage inspections, delays, cancelations–and, oh yeah, racial profiling–are all pretty much accepted as par for the course.

Aditya Mukerjee, who lives and works in New York and happens to be Hindu, not Muslim, wrote about a particularly awful experience he had at JFK recently in blog post titled “Don’t Fly During Ramadan.”

Mukerjee was scheduled to fly out of JFK to meet his family in Los Angeles earlier this summer. The whole ordeal started, he writes, when he declined to go through the airport’s millimeter wave detectors. According to Mukerjee, he was ultimately detained for about four hours and questioned by the TSA, NYPD, FBI and Homeland Security.

Incredibly though, in the end it was the airline itself, JetBlue, that would not allow him to board the flight he had a ticket for, or any other flight to Los Angeles that day. From the questions he was asked, Mukerjee (who, again, is Hindu, not Muslim) got the impression he was being profiled because he was flying during the Muslim holiday Ramadan.

He passed the TSA AND NYPD and STILL can’t fly?? Aditya is about to get PAID!

Flip it to read his personal account of how JetBlue ishtted on him.



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