Swirlin’ & Swangin’? Kendra Wilkinson Is Considering Open Relationship With Hubby Hank Baskett To Help Their Troubled Matrimony-dom! [Video]

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Swirl gone wrong?

Via MailOnline reports:

They have been married for more than four years, have a three-year-old son and a multi-million dollar fortune between them.

But life isn’t going all that smoothly for Kendra Wilkinson and her sports star husband Hank Baskett in the new season of her reality show Kendra On Top.

A new trailer for the show, which airs on WE TV, shows the couple’s marriage at crisis point – Kendra is seen in tears, talking to a therapist and even discussing an open relationship with Hank.

‘I shouldn’t even be married,’ the one-time party girl says in one clip, while Hank suggests: ‘We should just be single and live together.’

‘So you’re asking for a open relationship?’ Kendra replies, before adding jokingly. ‘I’ve been waiting for this day my whole life.’

However, the idea grows, especially when she bumps into one of her ex-boyfriends working out at Hank’s gym.

‘You were the one who brought up open marriage,’ Kendra says while lying in bed with her husband.
‘You’re the one who took off with it,’ Hank retorts.

Already teetering on a knife edge, relations go from bad to worse when Kendra has a car accident, and a CT scan shows she may have suffered a stroke.

‘I could die,’ Kendra tells Hank. ‘What would happen? Would you remarry?’

The marriage appears to be in crisis, with Kendra seeing a therapist to discuss how she is feeling ‘blamed’ and Hank advised by a male friend to ‘put his foot down.’

‘I wonder about Hank sometimes,’ Kendra tells a friend before dissolving in tears. ‘I think I was lied to. It’s not working out. I’m just a failure.’

But Hank appears to be suffering his own frustrations too.

‘She blows up on me and I’m just tired of people thinking like I wanted this not to work,’ he declares.

Luckily, it’s not all pain and no play for the former girlfriend of Playboy mogul Hugh Hefner.

Kendra, 28, models with a menagerie of very youthful looking shirtless men, emerging in a glittery black swimsuit for a poolside shoot.

She is also seen going swimming nekked at a friend’s birthday, flying over a nightclub crowd in a harness, and doing some impressive twerking on a night out.

The star is even seen getting some advice from her grandmother who tells her not to drink, a recommendation Kendra unsurprisingly ignores – she is later seen knocking back shots and glasses of wine with her friends.

‘If I want to have one night of freedom, I’m going to do it. I’m a grown a** woman,’ she says.

The show, which airs on September 13, is the second season of the reality show after Kendra parted ways with E! in 2011.

SMH. Tell me y’all didn’t see this coming years ago when Kendra decided to go from Playboy mansion life to happy housewife only to have her athlete hubby lose his job almost immediately?

Who thinks she’s already got some side-pipe-action?

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