Catch Fade: Detroit Bus Driver Beats The BRAKES Off Of Purse-Swingin Passenger That Spit On Her [Video]

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She’s not quite the “Epic Uppercut Bus Driver”, but this lady don’t take no isht!

Brawl Between Detroit Bus Driver And Passenger Caught On Camera

Via NYDailyNews

A video shows a shocking bus brawl that erupts after a passenger’s ticket gets stuck in the machine.

Passengers on the DDOT bus at Greenfield and McNichols roads in northwest Detroit earlier this month witnessed a fight lasting several minutes that broke out after the unnamed woman lost her temper while trying to validate her transfer card to another bus route.

The woman, who wore a brown coat, starts to argue with the driver and demands her ticket back before spitting at her.

The driver, dressed in a white shirt and clearly upset, then gets up from her seat and lunges at the passenger.

Footage shows an astonishing battle in which the driver hits the passenger around the head, using her keys as a weapon, while the passenger pulls the driver’s hair and hits her with her handbag. They use several different boxing, wrestling and martial arts moves as they punch, kick and grab each other.

One passenger, Christopher Jackson, did try to break up the fight but couldn’t. Other passengers reportedly egged the pair on.

Eventually, the driver managed to pin down the passenger, who was then forced off the bus.

This description really doesn’t do the stand-off any justice, press play on the video below to see the real.


Image via FOX2

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