Lee Daniels Responds To “Black Women At AIDS Event, I Thought I Was At A Welfare Office!” Backlash

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Lee Daniels says he loves Black women!

Lee Daniels Responds To Black Women Backlash

In a recent interview with Larry King, gay director Lee Daniels addressed the topic of homophobia in the Black community as well as comments about how AIDS affects African American women that offended a lot of people.

“I think they (black gay men) are prejudiced upon even from the African Americans too. I think that the reason we have AIDS…I did a movie called ‘Precious’ and when I was doing the research for ‘Precious,’ I walked into the gay mens health crisis center in New York City and I expected to see studying [of] AIDS and HIV, I expected to see a room full of gay men, but there are nothing but women that are there – black women with kids, I thought I had walked into the welfare office – but they service black women with AIDS, why?… Because black men can’t come out. Why? Because you simply can’t do it. Your family says it, your church says it, your teachers say it, your parents say it, your friends say it, your work says it. And so you’re living on this DL thing and you’re infecting black women.”

Lee sat down with HuffPo to clarify his quote and the backlash:

“To be a gay man, I’m obsessed with and I’m in love with black women. They are everything to me. From my mother, to my grandmother, my sisters…they are me because they embraced me when black men didn’t embrace me. So I fall to the floor for every black woman.

“I wish I were straight because I love women so much. I love black women. They are the the reason that I’m here today because I was rarely accepted by any African American men growing up inclusive of my dad.”

What do you think of Lee Daniel’s response?

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