Brutality: Man Arrested For Stabbing Teenage Girl Who Was Found Nekkid On Bridge After Friends Left Her Alone For One Hour

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Poor girl.

Man Arrested In Stabbing Of Teenager

According to Mail Online

A 18-year-old man has been arrested in the brutal stabbing death of a Long Island teenage girl whose nekkid body was found on a footbridge after a night out with friends.

Maxwell Sherman, of Long Beach, New York, was charged Saturday with second-degree murder for killing Lauren Daverin.
Miss Daverin, of Lynbrook, New York, was discovered dead on a footbridge in Rockville, Centre, on Thursday night. She was found stripped, except for her boots.

Her clothes were piled nearby.

WABC-TV reports that she was stabbed to death, though police have no officially commented on a cause of death.
Nassau County police would not comment on whether Miss Daverin knew Sherman or whether he allegedly attacked her at random.

A friend told Newsday that Miss Daverin was married to an airman, who was stationed at Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana, when she was murdered.

Kashawn Graham, who is also from Nassau County on Long Island, has flown back home to help Miss Daverin’s family with funeral arrangements.

‘They embodied youthful true love,’ Peter Wadkins, who introduced the couple, said.

Though it is not immediately known what caused her death, police have already ruled the case a homicide and are asking anyone with information as to who might have murdered Daverin to come forward.

Investigators are reviewing surveillance footage of the area as well as Daverin’s cellphone records to determine who was in the area at the time of the killing.

Emily Westermann described Daverin as a social girl who had a lot of friends.

‘I don’t know why this happened to her, how this happened to her, but she didn’t deserve that,’ she said.

Daverin’s family have refused media interviews, but have expressed their feelings of loss on a Facebook memorial page.

‘Every part of my heart is broken, and I cannot wait to meet you again in another life and make sure I appreciate every hug and every kiss and every fight,’ her older sister wrote.

We can’t believe her friends left her alone. Prayers go out to her family.


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