Bad Night: The Biggest Losers From Last Night’s VMAs

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Biggest Losers From The VMAs

The VMAs is a huge place to make a name for yourself. Stars are made and legends are solidified. Also, people get slandered to no end the entire night. These celebrities had a rough go last night and here’s why…

Miley Cyrus – Clearly, she got slandered more than anyone and it was because of those iHop-sponsored pancake flat yams.

Robin Thicke – He maybe contracted an STD with Miley rubbing her oddness on him.

Paula Patton – The third wheel gets left out and has to deal with watching that nastiness. She was probably hopped off on Molly anyway.

Drake – He got his fair share of slander, too, but it all ended well if he left with Rihanna as the rumors suggest.

Chris Brown – Anyone notice that no one cared about Breezy? He has to worry about court cases during the VMAs. Damn.

Our Eyes – We had to witness that nastiness. We’re still recovering.

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    Black People – Did a single Black person win an award all night? Damn, in Brooklyn, too?

    New York Hip-Hop –A music show in Brooklyn and NY Hip-Hop was totally missing…damn New York rap taking Ls.

    Lil Kim – She always looks like agony. Always.

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