Where Is Scrappy?? Erica Dixon Calls Suspect Model Boo “A Man Of God” And Says He’s Already Playing Daddy To Her Daughter!

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Looks like Erica and her sus model boo are getting serious…

Erica Dixon Talks About New Relationship

In a new interview with the Hip Hop Socialite, Erica talks about why she feels her new boo O’Shea is better than her baby daddy Scrappy and even dishes about her beef with his reality sloring girl Bambi.

We met over Memorial Day weekend, and we was just cool, just friends. You know, just talking and kicking it. One thing led to another, and we both started developing feelings for each other, so we just made it official.”

“He’s recovering right now from a car accident; he got hit by a car, so right now, he’s just healing from a car accident. He was actually walking and got hit. He’s doing a lot better, a lot better.”

O’Shea has already met her daughter Emani:

“Yes, he’s met Emani, and she likes him, so I’m happy about that.”

Erica later reveals he is the man God sent her:

“He’s a man of God, that’s what I love the most about him; he’s a man of God. You know we pray together, and we just keep God first and foremost in our relationship and in everything we do.”

Looks like Scrappy is really missing out! Hit the flip to peep more from the interview and photos of the new couple!


“The crazy thing about it is on the reunion show, Scrappy said Erica was messing with a married man. Shay does interviews and says Erica was messing with a married man and got pregnant by a married man and got an abortion. She took it to a whole other level. Then again, I keep her relevant, so she has to keep my name in her mouth. But for Scrappy, that was like an all time low. It’s like really, you want to get on her and say this? And in the past, he has said and done stuff, and I’ve told him like that’s below the belt. Certain stuff you do, if you’re going to do it, it’s plain out to me, it’s just hatred. And to me, that means that you don’t want nothing to do with this person if you’re going to try and lie and really throw somebody under the bus, you don’t want nothing to do with them period. He has a tendency of doing things like that, and coming back and apologizing, which he did. Because right after the taping of the reunion, of course you guys didn’t know, he apologized. He was just like, ‘I’m sorry – I was hurt. I just let my emotions get the best of me. Everybody thinks you’re perfect.’ I never said I was perfect, but never have I messed with a married man and got pregnant and had an abortion. Like come on, really?”


“I don’t even really speak on that because that’s my past. Not my present, not my future. Scrappy is my past, so whatever he got going on, he got going on. It’s no business of mine, and the best to him.”

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