Coolio Rides on UK Lads

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Pub-goers out in the UK tried to test the validity of Coolio’s “Gangsta Paradise” and got what they paid for and more as he charged the crowd:

The Celebrity Big Brother star was held back by bouncers after losing his cool. The rapper was only minutes into his act when he was hit by a hail of missiles including plastic bottles and ice cubes. One of his two-man backing group received a cut eye in the fracas.

Coolio, 45, warned the crowd at the Escapade Club in Barnsley, South Yorks, saying: “I’ll stop the gig.” But when he was hit by more missiles the hip-hop star cut the music — and then launched himself into the crowd of several hundred clubbers. Bouncers dragged him away as more plastic bottles and other objects were hurled on stage.

As he left Coolio looked “furious and absolutely livid”, onlookers said.

Security staff booted out several troublemakers but Coolio — famous for hit song Gangsta’s Paradise — refused to return.
One clubber said: “Coolio was halfway through singing his second song when someone started shouting abuse at him in the crowd and threw something.

“Something else was said and then Coolio made a signal to cut the music and told one of the drunken blokes he would see him later.

“Then something was thrown and he launched himself into the crowd.

“Coolio started grappling with the reveller.

“The bouncers dragged Coolio away. I think one of his backing singers threw a plastic bottle at the crowd and then some drunken lads got really angry and started hurling missiles back.

“It was mayhem for a while. There were bottles flying everywhere and all the contents of the bottles were spilling out all over the place.

“Everyone was screaming. It was disgusting.”

They tried to bang on him, so he had to bang on ‘nem.  What??

Check below for images of what a real gangsta looks like.


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