Florida Crazies: Freaky-Deeky Pervert Popped For Pullin’ Out His Peen For Pleasure Outside Of Convenience Store!

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Yuck daddy…

Florida Man Arrested For Pleasing Himself Sexually In Front Of Convenience Store

Via NWFDailyNews

A man was arrested after witnesses say he pleased himself outside a convenience store.

On Aug. 20 Okaloosa County Sheriff’s deputies went to the Ritz Foodstore on Beal Parkway to investigate a report of an indecent exposure. There, they were told by two witnesses that 37-year-old John Earl Eutzy of Fort Walton Beach was standing at the south corner of the building next to the pay phones when he unzipped his pants, removed his genitals and began pleasing himself. They said he would turn toward Beal Parkway while doing this, then turn back toward the building. He changed his position several times.

Both witnesses said several small children were in the area and saw Eutzy’s actions. One of the witnesses had to escort a woman and her child to their car because Eutzy had frightened the child.

Deputies found Eutzy a short way down Beal Parkway. They noted he appeared to be extremely intoxicated.

He was charged with lewd or lascivious exhibition, a felony. His plea date is Sept. 24.

Lock ’em up, throw away the key, bet there are plenty of boys that would like to play with him in the whoscow!

Image via Okaloosa County Sheriff Office

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