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You can’t steal her isht.

Woman Steals Her Bike Back

Why do criminals steal items and sell them on Craigslist?

According to Mail Online

A Vancouver woman who answered an ad for her stolen bike on Craigslist, turned the tables on thieves by asking to take it for a test ride and then pedaling off with it.

Kayla Smith reported the theft of the $1,000 bike to police on Wednesday after it went missing, along with its heavy duty lock, at the Olympic Village.

But she took justice into her own hands as soon as she saw it being offered for $300 the next day.

‘THIS GUY IS SELLING MY BIKE RIGHT NOW!!!’ she wrote in a post to Reddit. ‘I am not missing this opportunity waiting for a call. So I jump into action.’

‘I called the guy up, totally played super sweet,’ the bartender told the Globe and Mail. ‘Was like, “Hi, how are you? You know, I have the day off today, why don’t I come meet you?’”

The alleged thief agreed and they set up a time to meet at McDonalds so she could see the bike.

As soon as she laid eyes on it, she knew it was hers. Ms Smith had added distinctive custom features to her bike, including special brakes.

‘I noticed that it was my bike right away because of the RIDE ON stickers on the frame,’ Ms Smith wrote. ‘Here is where I started thinking on my feet.’

She told CBC News the man claimed to have bought it from his housemate, which made her think: ‘No you didn’t. You stole it from me last night, you liar.’

When she asked the alleged thief if she could take it for a ride around the McDonald’s parking lot she said he seemed hesitant before finally caving in and telling her: ‘Yeah but don’t take off…’

‘My heart was pounding and I had no idea what to do so I just got on the bike and was like f**k this guy and started to ride,’ Ms Smith wrote.

Confronting the thief could have been dangerous. On the other hand, she got her bike back. Phuck a thug.


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