Shook Ones: Struggle Rapstress Who Claimed Hubby Hov Tried Get At Her While Married To Beyonce Now Switches Up Her Story

- By Bossip Staff

Somebody must have let this chick know that the Carter goonsquad don’t play…

Female Rapper Claiming Jay-Z Tried To Cheat On Beyonce With Her Changes Story

Remember a few weeks back when that random rapstress who goes by the name of “Liv” came forward with bogus claims that Jay Z tried to get her to buss it open while he was married to Beysus? Welp, like clockwork, she’s now recanting her story and insisting that she never said she was Hov’s slorey sidepiece.

“Liv” recently posted a YouTube video where she now claims that her purpose in speaking out what to make it clear that she “decided” NOT to be his jumpoff. Riiiiiight. Check out an excerpt from the video below:

“Last and for all I want to make this straight because apparently everyone thinks that I happen to be Jay Z’s mistress.

No No No. I will not get fame for being a mistress. What I said is I decided NOT to be his mistress…an yall gone respect me for that. Because now I’m here. I’m in the game. They can’t take me out. You can’t blackball talent.“

SMH. This chick can clearly feel her already short-lived 15 minutes slipping away and is doing everything she can to keep it from happening. Somebody find her several seats.

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