People Aint Isht: 13-Year-Old Boy Left Scarred After Couple Tortured Him With Nail Gun And Hammer Then Chained Him Nekkid To Dog Kennel

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This is disturbing.

Boy Found Covered In Scars

No human being should ever be abused like this.

According to Mail Online

A teenage boy has been discovered bearing horrific signs of torture after it is believed that his brother and sister-in-law beat him with a hammer, drove a nail through his hand and chained him nekked for days in a dog kennel.

Jordan Gunn, 13, was found by police sleeping rough on a park bench in Seattle, Washington after he managed to escape the home of Brandon Gunn, 27, and his 34-year-old wife Viviana Gunn.

The teenager’s arms were covered in deep scars and fresh wounds. He is now in protective custody.

The married couple were charged with assault and unlawful imprisonment on Tuesday after being arrested at the weekend.

The boy had gone to live with his brother and his wife in Silverdale, Washington last year after leaving his home in Atlanta, Georgia. The couple became the child’s legal guardians.

Police say that the boy was beaten with a bat and metal bar. He had what appears to be a nail driven into his hand.

The couple reportedly hanged the boy by his arms from the rafters of the house for ‘sessions’ of torture, according to WSBTV, and locked him nekked in a dog kennel for days at a time.

The teenager only escaped by chewing through restraints.

The deep scars, some healed and some fresh, revealed that the little brother was whipped with electrical cord. Viviana Gunn is accused of cutting the teen with a knife heated by a lighter.

Neighbors reported hearing crying coming from the home but believed the sobs to belong to a younger child.

The family had their suspicions that the child was in danger when they were unable to contact him for several months and tried to get police to intervene.

They have now set up a fundraising page in order to get Jordan home to his mother and relatives in Georgia.

Viviana and Brandon Gunn are being held at the Kitsap County Jail with their bail set at $500,000.

These people need their azzes whooped for torturing that poor boy.

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