Salty Ex Files: Chris Brown STILL Texting Rihanna To Isht On Her Over Recent Drake Dating Rumors?

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“..Round and around and around and around we go..”

Chris Brown Still In Contact With Rihanna Following Break Up?

Yesterday, we reported on Rihanna and her friends’ middle school slander-fest directed at Chris Breezy’s braided up boo-thang Karrueche.

Well, shortly after, one of our BOSSIP readers came forward with exclusive info regarding the alleged “real” status of the roller coaster relationship between Chris and Rihanna, claiming that Breezy has still been in contact with his ex bajan badgal and has even been super salty over the recent rumors that she’s back in Drake’s good graces. Check out the tea below:

“My cousin is friends with Rihanna’s assistant Jen. Ok so here’s the tea:

Rihanna and Chris have been communicating (text) still!! He has been hitting her up more as of late because of the drake rumors and sh*tting on her for being back in contact with him.

Rihanna broke up with Chris because of Karrueche. She even cut all her ties with his enemies but he couldn’t cut ties with her. When she went on tour, people were hitting her up saying that Karreuche was at events with Chris and of course he denied it. She was tired of the lying and him not being honest and broke it off.”

Breezy admitted himself during a Breakfast Club interview earlier this year that he wasn’t cool with Rihanna dating other music industry dudes so soon after him because he felt that was “shi*tting in his backyard”….so this isn’t too much of a surprise if true.

Hit the flip to read the rest of the tea, including Rihanna’s relationship with mama Breezy now, how she responded to his seizure scare, what led to Rih and her goon squad e-pounching on Karrueche and more.

According to our source, Rih-Rih and mama Breezy are still on good terms, with Rihanna even checking up on Breezy following his recent seizure scare.

“Rihanna still talks to Chris mom they are very close so its a bit more than what people think. Rihanna aslo talked to Chris mom and Chris when he had is seizure scare. Chris has been hounding her which is why she posted the instagram about starting storms then complaining when it would rain.

Not sure how Kae got dragged into their mess… Well of course I do, but Rihanna said that Chris isn’t loyal like she was to him, and that’s kinda how she feels about Chris. So there is definitely some behind the scenes mess been brewing for a few weeks leading up to her cousin’s drag out. But Kae isn’t innocent, notice the pic of Chris and her pops up on the day of the awards, amidst the Drake rumors, she knows what shes doing.

But Rihanna is witty and I like the fact that she doesn’t throw rocks and hide her hands, at least she sticks to it, doesn’t delete and front like its something else she meant by what she says. Gotta love it.

So there you have it that’s the tea, believe it or not, but it’s a pretty reliable source!”

Hmmmm. None of this sounds very far-fetched at all given they way things have played out between these three over the last couple of months but…..who’s to say for certain.

Won’t these two ever get tired of doing this break-up to make-up dance? It seems clear that they don’t know how to completely get over each other, riiiigght? Do you believe all of this, Bossip fam?

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