Insecure: Women Who Don’t Seem To Trust Their Men At All

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“This and that bout such and such….damn, where is the f****n trust?”

Women Who Don’t Trust Their Men

They say that no relationship can survive with trust issues.   Some of these celebrity couples today are living testaments to that fact.

Although some of them have stayed together despite the fact that trust left a long time ago, the women in these relationships still have serious issues with trust.  While some are justified, others are just plain insecure.

Tell us what you think and if you’d feel this way or not.

Hillary Clinton – She hasn’t trusted Billy Clint for the last 15 years.

Jada Pinkett Smith – Seems like she’s basically given up on Will being faithful…guess that whole “open marriage” thing went left.

Vanessa Bryant – She’s had Kobe on lock since Denver…..for good reason.

Ciara – She maybe trusts Future but she didn’t trust Amar’e Stoudamire and we think we know why.

Paula Patton – She admitted to hiding in Robin Thicke’s bushes when they were dating…hmmm

Tameka Raymond – She didn’t trust Usher at all and it definitely had something to do with their nasty split.

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    Halle Berry – She developed trust issues over time because of his self-professed sex addiction…and we don’t blame her.

    Elin Nordegren – Word is that after she left Tiger, every man has been on strict lock. Fool me once…

    Chili – She clearly has trust issues as evident by her reality show.

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