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Amy Winehouse was booed at her performance last night in the UK and this is what the ski-blackied (heroin) out alchi had to say:

“Let me tell you something. First of all, if you’re

booing you’re a mug for buying a ticket. Second, to all the people booing –

just wait till my husband gets out. Nothing’s going to bring my

husband back. This is for my husband.”

She’s acting like he’s dead or something, he’s just locked up. We guess that’s how it feels when your best drug and booze companion is gone for any amount of time.

Image and Quote via WENN

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  • Traycee

    What a waste of space AND talent!

  • Optional C: Scalpel




  • athena

    Mary J Blige, can you give Amy some advice? You know the ropes.

  • bee-mice-elf

    So they could actually make out what she was saying and only the singing is garbled?

  • N-Qui-Sa-Tive?

    See it was a simple lesson to learn in elementary school and now they are proving the point, “Kids don’t do drugs!”

    I thank you and people like Bobby b/c it will be easier to prove my point when my child gets older.

    You gotta see the glass half full (of water).

  • athena

    This is the second quote of the day. The first quote of the day is : Baltimore?

  • http://rtkzradio.com roosevelt

    Why is “Amy Wine-O” relevant, tell me that? She’s looking nice and mad more infected now days. Dude would probably RATHER be locked up than with her. I feel ya bruh.


  • http://www.myspace.com/sweetbabyt2nvy TAMRA SMITH

    wasted talent down the drain!!! She needs help, QUICK FAST AND IN A HURRY!!!!

  • awake

    What a waste

  • La. Finest

    They are stupid for buying a ticket when they know she gone be high as a kite. Just listen to the cd like everyone esle. You’ll get a better experience for a cheaper price.

  • Yes I Said It & I Meant It Too

    Heroin is a powerful drug. She has real talent but she’s wasting it. Amy please say yes to Rehab.

  • Bahama Mama

    Amy, Amy, Amy, AMy….Isn’t it funny that her biggest song was something she needs…things that make u go hmmm??

  • 504okaay


  • Smartie

    Meet this generations Janice Joplin (Google her)

  • bigred917

    Oh, how scurred errbody musta been….just shakin’ in they boots knowing that when her crackhead-heroin-addict-alcohol husband gets out…”WHAT” ?????? But they really stopped booing her azz when she let that fly out her mouf. She’da got better results saying she goin’ to tell her MUM….SMH….

  • http://modelsilike.blogspot.com Chucklehead

    In that picture, she looks like the daughter of Alice Cooper and Marilyn Manson. Bizarre.

  • http://www.gravatar.com JawJa Swag

    damn girl get some help

  • http://www.sitfu.com sitfu

    This chick is just nasty.


    Taking a Closer Look at the Stories Ignored

    by the Mainstream Media

  • Click here

    I really feel sorry for her

  • Look@urself

    i love Amy she is really talented but get it together girl for your fans!!!

  • The Real Essence 1

    when will this hags 15 mins be up????

  • BobC

    What a waste of talent. She is looking more and more like a strung out junkie. Oh, wait. She is a strung out junkie. Seriously, though. I hope this story has a happy ending. There IS a way to freedom, hope and happiness; she just needs to take that crucial first step and ask for help. Oh, and get rid of that scrub husband of hers.

  • me

    first, what i waste of talent. second, that broad needs some serious help. so sad

  • lainy

    Does anyone know how long her husband is locked up for? At least with him locked up she attempeted to perform rather than doing her famous cancel act. I better start chalking her album up as a collectors item. Sad just sad.

  • Delta Diva

    “They try to get me to go to Rehab, and I say NO,No, No”

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