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Republicans won’t criticize President Obama, huh? This must have a been a satirical speech or something…

Republican Affiliate Says GOP Won’t Criticize Obama Because He’s Black

A right-wing, anti-Muslim radical who spoke out at a political summit held last week raised more than a few eyebrows when he suggested that his GOP goon-squad peers have been too afraid to criticize President Obama because “the color of his skin is black.”

via Think Progress

David Horowitz — a right-wing operative who heads a think tank that works to discredit the Islamic faith — was one of the most passionate speakers at the Koch-backed “Defending the American Dream Summit.”

In his address, Horowitz called the president “the most brazen and compulsive liar to ever occupy the White House” and said there’s an “obvious” reason that his opponents are hesitant to attack him.

“No one will say it out loud. I will: It’s because the color of his skin is black,” Horowitz told the predominantly white crowd on Friday. “It is because Obama is a minority that nobody will hold him to a standard or confront him with what he has done.”

He lost us when he even fixed his mouth to suggest that the GOP is hesitant to speak against President Obama as if it doesn’t happen on a daily basis. Somebody get this guy a seat in the middle of no where and chain it to the ground.



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