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So sad.

Mom Kills Daughter Then Herself

It’s one thing to kill yourself, but to murder an innocent child is horrible.

According to Mail Online

A mother and her toddler are dead after an apparent murder-suicide.

Sarah Harnish, 35, allegedly shot Josephine Boice, her 17-month-old daughter, before killing herself Sunday morning in their Sarasota, Florida, home, according to reports. Ms Harnish was pronounced dead at the scene, the toddler died at a local hospital.

Sean Boice, the girl’s father, called 911 after hearing the gunshots from outside their home, according to officials.

Police responding to a 911 call around 9:45am Sunday arrived to find both Ms Harnish and Ms Boice shot, reports said. Ms Harnish was dead when they arrived, Boice was airlifted to a local hospital where she was pronounced dead.

‘At about 9:45 the father of the child came home from a scooter ride and heard gunshots and called 911 immediately,’ a Sarasota Police Department spokesperson told local media.

Locals were shocked and saddened by the sudden, violent death of two neighbors.

‘I can’t imagine what kind of problems there could have been,’ Dinie Hens told Fox 13 as she tried to hold back tears. ‘I see clothes hanging on the line and I just don’t understand what could have happened.’

Another neighbor struggled to find words.

‘Oh my gosh. That is just — it’s even more shocking,’ Kari Kizman told Fox 13, adding that ‘there is help out there for people that need the help. Just ask and people will help.’

It isn’t yet clear what led to the shooting, nor have officials said what type of firearm was used.

Ms Harnish does not appear to have any prior criminal history, according to criminal records. It is also not known if Ms Harnish and Mr Boice were married.

What made her snap?




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