Really???? The NAACP Held First Historic Meeting With The Triple-K Clique In Wyoming Under Heavy Armed Security!

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Who would have ever thought it possible…?

NAACP Meets With The Triple K Clan For The First Time Ever

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Leaders from branches of the Triple K’s and the NAACP had a historic meeting in Casper, Wyoming on Saturday to discuss recent acts of violence against black men and the distribution of Triple K pamphlets in the area.

Jimmy Simmons, president of the Casper branch of the NAACP, had reached out to John Abarr of the United Triple K’s of America about meeting in June, according to the Casper Star-Tribune. The two didn’t meet until several ground rules were established, including an agreement to meet under heavy security.

The two discussed the Triple K’s desire to secede from the union, segregation and violence against black men. Abarr revealed that he saw an uptick in new members after the election of President Barack Obama and shared why he likes being in the Triple K’s.

“I like it because you wear robes, and get out and light crosses, and have secret handshakes,” Abarr said, according to the Star-Tribune. “I like being in the Triple K’s — I sort of like it that people think I’m some sort of outlaw.”

But Abarr — who believes violence against black men is a hate crime and touts his group as a non-violent religious organization focused on political issues — said he’s branch of the Triple K’s isn’t hateful enough for some, and that he really likes to “recruit really radical kids, then calm them down after they join.”

SMH…sounds crazy, but not half as crazy as the image of the Triple K clique that Mr. Abarr is trying to sell to black America. Although he admits that whites and black should be segregated because white folks “want white babies”, his position on gays, marriage and polygamy aren’t exactly in line with some of his more conservative counterparts.

Via Trib

Abarr was born in Sheridan, graduated high school in Torrington, and lived several other places in Wyoming. “It was just me and two skinheads,” he says of his time as a white supremacist in Casper. He had family in the Klan, and was something of a revolutionary himself when he joined at age 18, and wanted to overthrow the government, he says. His father was a cowboy.

He married a liberal woman, he says, and his kids were raised as liberals. They can choose their own path.

He believes homosexuality is largely genetic, but still a sin. Gay marriage is fine. Polygamy should be legal also. Marriage isn’t the government’s business.

The NAACP leaders laugh lightly — partly surprise, partly dark amusement. But it’s not really funny.

And if THAT didn’t surprise you, what happened later in the meeting surely will…

Will the Klansman join the NAACP? A white supremacist, a known enemy?

Simmons asks: Would you like to join?

Abarr doesn’t hesitate: “I wouldn’t have a problem with joining the NAACP.”

“Wow,” Simmons says, pulling out an application. Abarr fills it out, checks his watch for the data. Adds a $20 donation to the $30 membership fee. Simmons gives him a receipt.

We have no idea what version of the Triple K clique that Mr. Abarr is accustomed to, and he might be a little delusional, but do you think that blacks could really co-exist with this “kinder, gentler” clan?

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