Praise Who? Celebrities Who Allegedly Don’t Believe In God

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Morgan Freeman

Celebrity Atheists

God is good. All the time. And all the time, God is good. However, some of these celebrities don’t feel the same way. Atheism is a thing and these celebrities believe in not believing. Take a look and see what they believe in.


Brad Pitt – He said he didn’t much care about figuring out if God exists because he’d rather spend time dealing with life. Ok.

file brad pitt angeline jolie engaged 13.04.12

Angelina Jolie – She shares her husband’s apathy about the afterlife.

Morgan RG3

Morgan Freeman – He has gone on record saying that God is an invention from humans.

daniel radcliffe drunk

Daniel Radcliffe – Harry Potter doesn’t believe in God? What?!


Billy Joel – The famous musician told Howard Stern he wasn’t a believer.

playboy club mayfair 040611

Hugh Hefner – How can someone who’s seen the women he’s seen not think a higher power put those bodies together?

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    Fredrick Douglas – He wrote that he didn’t see a reason for Christianity or religion in this country.


    Langston Hughes – He also didn’t believe in God in his day.

    w.e.b. dubois

    W.E.B. Dubois – Another Black intellectual who didn’t believe in God


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