Ho Sit Down: Sheryl Underwood Explains Her ‘Nappy Hair Is Nasty’ Comment, “I Am Not Ashamed Of My Blackness”

- By Bossip Staff

sheryl underwood

On If She Has Self-Hate Issues

I’m not what you think I am. I don’t have self-hate. I am not ashamed of my Blackness or who I am. In highschool I had a giant afro. In college I was militant. I loved my afro puff. My dad instilled Black pride in me. I have no hair shame whatsoever.

What She Says To People Offended By Her Words

There is a consequence to everything that you do and say. I understand why a part of my community was disappointed in the implication that Black, natural hair is bad and that White hair is good. I will be much more careful with everything I say. Please do not attack my colleagues, my family, my friends. I’m with ya’ll. I’m fighting for you everyday and despite making myself available on the radio show and on Twitter, I don’t feel like you’re letting me engage in a respectful conversation.

I’m raising money for all 105 HBCU’s and I’m going to use the platform of CBS not to just raise money for them, but to increase diversity- gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, disenfranchised Whites, Native Americans and Black students- so that everyone can get a quality education at an HBCU. If you decide that I am the mission of the march, how do I get people to listen to me when I say, ‘Trayvon Martin is not the only one’, like I said on the The Talk. I can’t engage them, if I’m fighting with you. I feel that my people have a right to speak to me because I’ve been speaking to them. But you have to understand that we’re fighting the good fight everyday. I made a mistake and I’m sorry.

Do you believe her?


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