For The Love Of Drugs: 9 Celebrities Who Were Put On Blast For Their Drug Use

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Some celebrities don’t watch the company they keep and get their drug problems put on blast by the media. Others put themselves on blast. Here are 9 celebrities who were put on blast for their drug use.

Marion Jones

Marion admitted to taking illegal performance enhancing drugs on Oct. 5, 2007 after being exposed by the media. She was stripped of five Olympic medals.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay let in all hang out on Oprah where she admitted to still being addicted and getting faded for a cool $2 miillion.

Lamar Odom

Poor Khloe. Lamar is allegedly addicted to smoking rocks, OxyContin and Ambien. His drug dealer and slorey mistresses put him on blast.


Rihanna put her piff-puffin’ ways on blast with this pic posted on her Instagram during a trip to Amsterdam. Cotdamn.

Michael Phelps

Michael got caught slipping back in 2009 when one of his aint isht friends snapped a pic of him enjoying the sticky icky.

Chris Brown

People came for Chris Breezy’s head after he smoked some mean green during a 2012 concert in Amsterdam.

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    The world saw the footage of DMX falling asleep in the police car and he flipped the phuck out on Iyanla. He put himself on blast with his erratic behavior.

    Barry Bonds

    Barry was convicted on April 13, 2011 on obstruction of justice in connection with taking illegal performance enhancing drugs.

    Whitney Houston

    Whitney admitted to her drug abuse in an interview with Oprah and autopsy reports showed she died with a number of drugs in her system.

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