Pink Slip: 10 Women Who Got Kicked Off Of Basketball Wives

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Celebrities Kicked Off Of Reality Shows

Shaunie doesn’t play when it comes to the casting choices for Basketball Wives. Cross her the wrong way and she will drop you from the show in an instant.

Over the course of the show, she’s laid down the law and dropped reality stars like they’re the worst habits imaginable. Just look at these women who got kicked out of Basketball Wives through the years.

Gloria Govan – She dissed the producers by leaving to get married without telling the show.

Laura Govan – She left with her sister.

Royce Reed – She was apparently too much and not enough storyline drama and got dropped.

Malaysia Pargo – She just didn’t do anything for them

Brooke Bailey – Same goes for Brooke

Jennifer Williams – She was a liability after filing her lawsuit after the big “fight.”

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    Kesha Nichols – She was apparently too boring. Lol.

    Kimsha Artest – She went off on Shaunie when she got knocked off.

    Meeka Claxton – They decided to keep Tami over her.

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