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People Who Never Make Sense When They Talk

You ever hear someone talk and wonder what the hell they’re talking about? Well ALL of these celebrities are like that. They talk and we just don’t understand what the eff is going on with their brains and their mouths.

Just look at these people and try to figure out what they talk about on a given day.

Rick Ross – We don’t understand him and we don’t trust him because it’s all lies.

Lil Wayne – You heard his mixtape…dude…huh?

Ron Artest – Dude is on some extra stuff to be talking like he talks…

Mike Tyson – Remember when he said he was going to Bolivian? Right.

DMX – This is your brain on drugs.


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Ozzy Osbourne – Wait…THIS is your brain on drugs.

Gucci Mane – Mushmouth the rapper.

Dennis Rodman – Maybe that spraypaint on his head seeped into his brain and affected his ability to say anything coherent.

Chief Keef – Want to read his lyrics? “jfeoaeorueoue;a” Boom.


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