Random Ridiculousness: Benny Winfield Jr. A.K.A. MrPimpGoodGame Crowned Instagram’s King Of The Selfie [Pics]

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Selfie snappin’ Benzino can’t F with this cat in any way, shape, or form.

Benny Winfield Jr. Is The King Of Instagram Selfies

Since the advent of the camera phone, the temptation to take a picture of yourself is far too much to bear for some folks.

The advent of Instagram only further enticed the vain and self-absorbed to waste precious phone battery taking selfies as they now have an audience of followers who are anxiously awaiting the next close-up pic of a face to appear on their timeline.

Enter Benny Winfield Jr., the undisputed, balding, heavyweight, iChampion of social network selfies. When looking at anyone’s Instagram feed it becomes overwhelmingly apparent what they are into. For some, their photograph preoccupation is food, others it could be shoes, cars, thong bikinis, dogs, clouds, practically anything.

Mr. Winfield currently has 97 posts, with almost 21,000 followers and every single picture on his page is a selfie of him smiling. When we say “every single picture”, we aren’t speaking in hyperbole, we mean literally every. Single. Picture.

Flip it over to see a small sample of exactly what we’re talking about.

Images via Instagram

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